Minimizing employee downtime makes money for your business.

Missed opportunities are the most expensive part of network outages.

Employees need consistent access to your systems to seize every opportunity for satisfying your clients or making a good impression on new ones. The sources of downtime are varied and traditionally required huge investments to address. Most downtime is caused by

  • equipment failure 
  • human error and configuration problems 
  • resource contention and conflicts 
  • facility problems (water leaks, power loss, etc.) 
  • natural disasters 

According to recent IDC research, network downtime costs 80 percent of small and midsized businesses at least $20,000 per hour.  

If a customer tries to check his account or place an order and finds a site or application down, he can easily take his business to a competitor. Workers who cannot access key applications lose valuable time and the company incurs mounting lost productivity for each lost minute or hour. 

Make sure your business is "always-on" and available – and partner with a company that guarantees fast IT support when you need it. 

Over 94% of regular support tickets get addressed in under 30 minutes at GCS Technologies. 

GCS has a dedicated team (NOC Technicians) dedicated to SLA management of issue resolution and ensuring your network stays secure, running smoothly, and on target. This is a necessity many smaller companies cannot afford to provide on their own.  

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