Stop today's advanced threats and attacks from impacting your business.

Smaller businesses are becoming bigger targets for cyber criminals.

Ransomware, rogue insiders and browser-based exploits aren’t just security concerns for Fortune 500 companies. They affect thousands of small and mid-market companies a year as well. To put the cyber threat issue into perspective, just consider the findings of several recent government and industry studies. They found:

  • Ransomware has been around for several years, but there's been a definite uptick in its use by cyber criminals in 2015.
  • In 2014, 42.8 million security incidents on businesses were detected, a 48 percent increase over the previous year.
  • The financial impact of these attacks on businesses has been significant and is growing; mean annualized cost for companies is $12.7 million per year (ranging from $1.6 million to $61 million, per company per year), a 9.3 percent increase in mean value over the previous year.
  • Scams using social media to perpetrate frauds are on the rise; such scams reported to the government in 2014 resulted in $800 million in losses.

Threat management isn't free, but not as expensive as a security breach.

Businesses need a variety of solutions (firewall, anti-virus software, IPS/IDS, etc.) that must all work together. And staff must be constantly trained on new threats and mechanisms to defend against them. The "soft costs" of having to navigate the security requirements to get a job done are tough to ignore.

The cost of threat prevention is falling.

Cloud-based security options are bringing previously expensive solutions into the budgets of smaller firms. Let GCS take the task of protecting your network off your plate and into the hands of our team of security experts. GCS can deliver 24x7 protection for your users, your network, and your business.

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