Get back to business quickly after an outage or virus attack.

Something as minor as a failed disk drive can have dramatic effects on a business. 

Reliable backup and fast recovery are essential to modern business. Fifty-three percent of organizations can tolerate less than an hour of downtime before they experience a significant revenue loss or other adverse impacts to the business, according to the Enterprise Strategy Group.

Sources of outages and disruptions are varied. They include: 

  • Configuration changes 
  • User errors  
  • Hardware crashes 
  • Software conflicts 
  • Data Corruption 
  • Water damage from burst pipes 
  • Fire and flooding 
  • Building destruction from natural disasters 
  • Malicious destruction by a single (ex)employee 
Recovery time is everything.

The difference between a "good enough" backup system and a great backup system is recovery time. "Good enough" systems can take days to recover only parts of the network. Great backup systems can do it in minutes or hours. 

GCS can not only help you recover from outages or data loss, but we can also prepare you so that your backup system meets the needs of your organization. We bring years of IT backup and disaster recovery best practices, experience, and expertise to fully manage any recovery program.  

Trust the experts at backup and disaster recovery.

With GCS as a partner, you can offload the time-consuming chores associated with backup and IT disaster recovery to an experienced provider. Most importantly, you can leverage our team to transform your backup and recovery efforts from a purely reactive approach focused on basic data protection to a more pro-active business continuity strategy.  

Contact us today to get in touch with a disaster recovery expert to discuss your business objectives.