Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity as a Service

Local Server Business Continuity

Every business and technology leader fears losing the systems and data their team relies on to keep working.  GCS has teamed with Datto to go beyond simple backups and provide business continuity and disaster recovery services that our customers can rely on.   Datto and GCS allow you to have confidence in your backups through both automated backup verification combined with GCS' human-powered backup monitoring.   

When disaster strikes, we can turn those backups of your servers into running virtual machines both locally and in Datto's cloud that your user can access. This takes recovery time from days to minutes and gets your team back to work as quickly as possible.

Cloud Services Continuity

More and more of our customers are relying on cloud services, such as Office 365 and Google G-Suite (formerly Google Apps).  While these services have extremely high reliability they are not infallible and cannot protect you from a user mistakenly deleting a folder or critical email.  GCS offers Datto SaaS Protection to give you a low-cost extra layer of protection to backup your data in the cloud.