Never miss a deadline because of persistent technology issues.

Architecture, engineering, and construction firms are embarking on the next phase of automation in their industry. Advanced technologies such as 3D rendering and Building Information Management (BIM) are becoming common. Clients, subcontractors, GCs, and owners demand access to more information online which requires new software and workflow for AEC firms.  

Common Challenges: 

  • Slow performance when sharing CAD files with colleagues in remote locations
  • Sharing critical design files and data with clients and other contractors outside the firm 
  • Storage and management of CAD files that demand much more storage per user than other industries 
  • Keeping billable resources productive by resolving outages quickly 

GCS has the experience to help your firm overcome these problems. Our team of experts have built solutions for AEC firms to securely access and share the largest CAD files you work with every day. 

Our specific experience includes:

  • Enabled collaboration between offices by connecting multi-location firms on fast wide area networks 
  • Reduced IT costs by supplementing internal teams with advanced technical support and project assistance 
  • Improved productivity by deploying systems with automated failover capabilities that reduced downtime  
  • Delivered full access to key systems to construction sites/trailers nationally 

Our experience makes us the right partner for you in optimizing the IT side of your business. 

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