Deliver a great customer experience with best-in-class technology.

Professional services firms demand technology that supports the most important part of their business, their people. 

Common Challenges 

  • Collaborate with co-workers and clients for project management, document sharing, communication, and more. 
  • Connect your staff with the right tools on mobile devices when on site or travelling 
  • Distribute and protect client data and work product 
  • Automate workflows such as time entry, progress updates, and client communication 

Our Experience in the Professional Services Industry 

  • Supported financial professionals during high seasons such as personal and corporate tax filing deadlines 
  • Enabled collaboration between offices by connecting multi-location firms on fast wide area networks 
  • Reduced IT costs by supplementing internal teams with advanced technical support and project assistance 
  • Improved productivity by deploying systems with automated failover capabilities that reduced downtime  

GCS finds many professional services firms struggle with missed deadlines or poor customer experiences due to problems with their technology infrastructure. Scaling a service business is hard enough, and IT expertise in this industry is rare.

GCS Technologies grew up in the professional services industry and today manages more than 35 billable resources across more than 50,000 service tickets and 300 projects annually. Our experience over more than 15 years of working with professional services means robust technology solutions to your core business challenges. 

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